Fruits And Health

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Fruits And Health

Among the different foods, fruits stand foremost in importance in the Yogi’s menu or regimen. The curative effects of fresh juicy fruits are astonishing. These juices cleanse the tissues and throw out the morbid materials from the bodily system. They fill the body with vitalizing or life-giving mineral salts, potassium, sodium, manganese, iron, calcium, etc. Dr. J.H. Kellogg says: “Fruit juices contain vitamins and food minerals especially iron and lime, which are indispensable in many body processes and which need to be given in great abundance under the conditions present in given in great abundance under the conditions present in disease. When the body is struggling under conditions which cripple its functions such as overworked liver or kidneys especially, a large intake of vitamins in the form of grape juice or other fruit juice will invigorate the curative forces of the body and produce effects which are unapproachable by even the most powerful drugs”.

Tomatoes contain citric acid and mallic acid and a small quantity of oxalic acid. It contains large quantities of five of the six vitamins. Cooking partially destroys the vitamin content. Therefore tomatoes should be eaten raw. Tomatoes contain the salt, potash, lime, magnesia and iron. They exercise a beneficial effect on the liver, kidneys and other organs. They also cure constipation.

The orange is a blood-purifier. It tones up the entire system of the body. It invigorates and energises. It is a good appetizer. It is very rich in vitamin C. It also contains vitamin B and vitamin A. (Vitamins are the essentials of man’s existence). It possesses anti-scorbutic properties and hence cures scurvy. It cures constipation also. It promotes growth and prevents rickets. When in season it should form a regular part of your diet. It supplies nutrition to the body in a small bulk. It helps concentration and meditation. It is a sattwic article of diet. Live on orange juice for a week or fortnight and practise vigorous meditation. Orange juice mixed with fresh grape juice makes a very good tonic. This is very useful in anaemia or poverty of blood, general debility, rickets, etc.
Banana or plantain fruit contains A, B, C and D vitamins. This is a very good soothing food. You can live on milk and bananas alone. They are very nutritious. They promote growth, augment vigour and add flesh to the body. The fully ripe fruits act as a laxative. Take one or two fruits at bed time. You will have free movement of the bowels in the morning.

Mangoes contain sugar and highly refined turpentine in them. They also contain iron and other useful acids. They are useful in rheumatism, diarrhoea, diabetes. Mangoes and milk is a wonderful combination. You can live on this diet for two or three months.

Pomegranates are also very invigorating, cooling and strengthening. The juice is very refreshing and toning. Those who want to supply energy to their system quickly should take this juice. Those who deliver fiery lectures on the platform will derive immense benefit by taking this juice. They will be supplied with fresh energy and will be quite fit for the next lecture in a short space of time.

The pineapple is an old fashioned domestic remedy for quinsy and ordinary throat affections of an acute nature. A pineapple is very beneficial in case of enlargement of spleen. Take one fruit daily. Papaya contains the active principle of alkaloid papain. The latter digests food readily. Papaya fruits should not be ignored from the daily diet. Bael fruit also is very cooling. A sherbet can be formed out of this fruit and drunk in summer. It is useful in dysentery. It stops the passing of blood and heals the ulcers that may have formed in the lower bowels.

Jambul fruits are useful in diabetes – mellitus. They remove the excess of sugar in the urine. An apple is a very nutritious fruit. The proverb is : “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Apple and cream is a very good combination in cases of high blood pressure. The chikku or sapota is a blood purifier. It enriches the blood quantitatively and qualitatively. It contains iron in abundance.

The all fruit diet is the finest eliminating medium. In the treatment of lumbago the patient is put on a diet of oranges alone. The uric acid that is accumulated in the system is eliminated quickly by this diet. They body becomes light when one lives on fruits alone. Tamas is destroyed. You can conquer sleep if you live on a fruit diet alone. Those who live on fruits alone experience a peculiar, inexpressible ananda or bliss. They sometimes feel that they have no body. Some people who live on fruits feel weakness in the beginning , because their stomachs were habituated to heavy starchy food. They used to load their stomachs to the brim. After sometime through force of the new habit the feeling of weakness will vanish. The all-fruit diet can be carried on for two weeks or more with ease by most people. When all other remedies fail in the treatment of chronic diseases, al all-fruit diet may work wonders.

Friends! Why do you take carnivorous foods and spoil your health ? Carnivorous foods excite passion and make the mind restless. Fruits exercise a soothing influence on the mind and subdue passion. Man leads an artificial life in these days of modern civilization and scientific advancement. He lives on patent foods, drinks alcohol, puts on tight collars, attends theatres, eats all sorts of things in hotels and restaurants, forgets God and the goal of life, leads an unnatural life of dissipation and meets with various sorts of diseases and premature death. What a sad, lamentable state!

If you take pure food you will have a pure mind. Mind is formed out of the subtlest essence of food. If you have purity of mind, you will remember God or Atma. If you always remember Atma, the knots of the heart, viz., Avidya, Kama, Karma (ignorance, desire and action) will be rent asunder. You will attain Moksha.

If you would attain longevity and possess good health and vigour you must go back to nature. Lead a simple natural life with high sublime thinking. Live on fruits. Develop ethical virtues, control the indriyas and mind, practise meditation, realize the Self and be for ever free.

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