Milk And Its Products

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Milk And Its Products

Milk is an ideal diet. It is a perfect and complete food in itself. It contains all the nutritive principles in a well-balanced proportion. You can live on milk alone. In India there is a sect among the sadhus known as “Dudhadharis’. They take no other food but milk and yet they possess sound and perfect health. One man has lived on a strictly milk diet for more than fifty years. He has never been ill even for a day during that period. He is healthy and well-nourished. Charaka Rishi says : “Give no other medicine to your patients but milk and cure them one and all”. Milk contains proteins (casein), fat, milk, sugar and mineral salts. All infants grow properly on an exclusive milk diet. The sick recover their health and strength when put on milk alone. Take plenty of milk. Not only is it rich in protein and minerals, but it also contains the four most important vitamins.

Curd, lassey, cheese, whey, butter, cream, ghee, etc., are the products of milk. Lassey can be made out of milk or curd. Equal parts of milk and water with sugar or one part of curd with four parts of water and some sugar form lassey. Lassey is very cooling. It is taken in the morning. It opens the bowels. It is useful in consumption. It kills the T.B. germs. This is taken by the Punjabis and the peoples of Hindustan and Bengal.

The clear liquid left after curd or cheese has been separated is called whey. This is highly beneficial in constipation and diseases of the stomach and intestines. It is a very good food for invalids and convalescents. It is also easily digestible.

Buttermilk is very cooling to the system. It quenches thirst. It is useful in disease of the stomach and intestines. It is useful in dysentery. The lactic acid contained in buttermilk kills the pathogenetic germs that may be present in the stomach and bowels.

Fruits and milk form a very healthy, wholesome diet. This diet helps the concentration of mind. It is the diet of Rishis and Raja Yogins. This is also the diet of Hatha Yogins who practise Pranayam vigorously. Try to live on milk and fruits on Sundays and Ekadashis. The value of milk as a tissue –building agent when taken alone or in combination with fresh fruits cannot be too strongly emphasized. Milk is a perfect diet containing as it does all the dietetic principles in a well-balanced proportion.

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