Health and Strength

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Health and Strength


Health is wealth. Health is a covetable possession indeed Good health is a valuable asset for one and all. You should have physical as well as mental health. If you do not possess good health you cannot prosper in any walk of life.
Health is that state in which a man sleeps well, digests his food well, is quite at east, is free from any kind of disease or uneasiness. When you are in a state of perfect health all the organs, viz., heart, lungs, brain, kidneys, liver, intestines work in perfect harmony and concord and discharge their functions satisfactorily. The pulse rate and the rate of respiration are in perfect order. The bodily temperature is normal. A healthy man smiles and laughs. He is cheerful and happy. He discharges his daily duties with ease and comfort. A healthy man is capable of doing work for a long time without getting fatigued. His bowels move very freely everyday. He possesses the highest kind of mental and physical efficiency.

A healthy man need not necessarily be strong and a strong man may not be healthy. A very strong man may suffer from many diseases. A healthy and strong man becomes a center of great attraction. He radiates health and strength to all with whom he comes in contact. By drinking pure water, by eating pure and wholesome food, by observing carefully the laws of health and hygiene, by taking regular exercise and cold baths in the morning, by practicing Japa and meditation, by right living, right thinking, right action, right conduct, by observing Brahmacharya, by living in the open air and sunshine for some time daily you can have wonderful health, vigour and vitality.

Strength and size are not always the same. Either a thin and wiry or a heavy-built man may be strong. Besides muscular strength you must have nerve strength as well. There are different kinds of strengths. Some can lift heavy weights. Some can run a long distance quickly. Some can jump higher than others. Some can bear heat and cold better. Others can fast for days together without ill-effects. Some can bear any amount of pain. Some can bear heat and cold better. Others can stop car and break chains. Some can swim for a long distance. Others have great physical strength but they may not have mental strength. One harsh word can upset their balance of mind. Some people who have immense physical strength cannot bear the pain of an acute disease. They cry like children when they suffer from any disease. They have no mental strength. Some are afraid of public criticisms even though they may be physically strong.

He who possesses physical, mental, moral and spiritual strength is an ideal man. Moral strength is superior to physical strength. It is difficult to possess moral strength. Spiritual power is the highest power on earth. A Saint or a Yogi who possesses spiritual strength can move the whole world. He is a dynamic personality. The strength of Gandhiji was moral strength. He had gained the strength by the practice of Ahimsa, Satyam and Brahmacharya. Gandhiji had no physical strength. He had mental and moral strength. A powerful spiritual soul may dwell in a thin wiry body.

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