Physical And Mental Efficiency Through Yoga

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Physical And Mental Efficiency Through Yoga


Every human being has within himself various potentialities and capacities of which he may never really have any conception. He is a magazine of power and knowledge. As he evolves he unfolds new powers, new faculties, new qualities.
Now he can change his environments. He can influence others. He can subdue other minds. He can heal others. He can get plenty of material things. He can conquer internal and external nature. He must awaken these dormant powers and faculties through the practice of yoga. He must develop his will and control the senses and mind. He must purify himself. He must practice regular concentration. Then he will become a super-man or God-man.

Yoga is a perfectly practical system of self-culture. You can attain harmonious development of your body, mind, intellect and soul by the practice of Yoga. It is an exact science. This work deals with a system of Yogic exercises of the Indian Rishis and Yogins of yore based on exact principles. There is no vague doctrine here. It imparts to every practioner definite practical knowledge, fine health, longevity, strength, vim and vitality. You can acquire absolute control over the whole of nature by the practice of Yoga. It will help you to attain ethical perfection, perfect concentration of the mind and to unfold various psychic powers. Yoga brings message of hope to the forlorn, joy to the depressed, strength to the weak and knowledge to the ignorant. Yoga is the secret master-key that unlocks the realm of elysian bliss and deep abiding peace.

A yogi or a Sage always keeps a balanced mind in all conditions of life and at all moments. A Yogi’s vision is deeply penetrating because he has gathered all the dissipated rays of the mind by discipline through patient Sadhan. He can get full knowledge of either a distant or an internal object in not time. His mind is like a searchlight. Just as the diver in the pearl fishery dives down deep and brings up the pearl so also the mind of a Yogi dives deep into an object and brings out its truth in a moment. If the magnet is very powerful, it will influence iron filings even when they are placed at a long distance. Even so if the Yogi is an advanced person, he will have great influence over the people with whom he comes in contact. He can even exert his influence on persons living in a distant place.

Those who practise concentration evolve quickly. They can do any work with scientific accuracy. What others take six hours to do can be done by one who has concentration within half an hour. What others can read within six hours can be read by one who practices concentration within half an hour. Concentration purifies and calms the surging emotions, strengthens the current of though and clarifies the ideas. Concentration helps a man in his material progress also. The man who practices concentration will have a very good out-turn of work in his office or business house. What was cloudy and hazy before becomes clear and definite. What was difficult before becomes easy now and what was complex, bewildering and confusing before comes easily within the mental grasp. You can achieve anything through concentration. Nothing is impossible for one who practices concentration regularly. He who practices concentration will possess very good health and very clear mental vision.

The practice of Pranayama has a wonderful influence over the body, mind, intellect and the senses. It removes the diseases of the body and thoroughly renovates the cells and nerves. It supplies and abundance of fresh energy. It steadies the mind. It removes the impurities of the mind also. It strengthens the intellect and augments the intellectual capacities. It increases the power of memory. It calms the turbulent senses. It checks their outgoing tendencies. It bestows Nadi Shuddhi (purification of the Nadis).

The lungs can be developed through the practice of deep breathing exercise. By the practice of Pranayama, the apices of the lungs will get the proper supply of oxygen. So they cannot harbour the germs of tuberculosis. The blood also will be pure. There will be no improvement in the quality and quantity of the blood. All the tissues and cells will be nourished with plenty of pure blood and lymph. The process of metabolism will be carried out in an efficient manner.

If the lungs are not developed properly they cannot perform the function of oxygenating the blood in an efficient manner. They will harbour readily the germs of consumption. You should try to possess a high lungpower by the practice of Pranayama or deep breathing exercises. Lungs which are endowed with a good capacity, perform their functions satisfactorily under all conditions. They are proof against disease. In the vast majority of persons breathing is shallow and without rhythm. Lungs which have a good reserve capacity achieved by the practice of Pranayama and deep breathing exercises will turn out extra work when there is an extra demand made upon them on account of lowered vitality from some cause or other. Pranayama or deep breathing exercises invigorate the nerves, energise the heart and the circulation of blood, improve digestion, augment the vital force and help the liver to perform its work efficiently.

The practice of Asans develops the body and the practitioner is afile and nimble. He has a very elastic spine and supple body. He has a keen vigorous appetite. Any trouble is removed from its starting point by the practice of Asans. The three important organs, viz., heart, lungs and brain and the cerebro-spinal system are kept in a healthy condition by a regular practice of Asans. The vital forces are also preserved and increased. The circulation of blood in the arteries and veins is kept in proper order by the practice of Asans. There is no stagnation of blood in any part of the body. The spinal cord is toned up. The practice of Asans prevents the development of arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. The practice of Asans, in fact, lubricates the whole bodily system.

Abundant blood is supplied to the brain by the practice of Sirshasan. Hence the memory and intellectual powers are increased. The practitioner regains his memory power that may have been lost owing to overwork or some other causes. It transmutes the sex-energy into spiritual power or Ojas Shakti. The nerves of the body are energized and galvanized.

The practitioners always laughs heartily and radiates joy, strength and vigour wherever he moves. He always accomplishes his aims. He always gets success in all his attempts. He looks very young even at the age of sixty. He is endowed with a peculiar glow in his face and eyes and possesses a peculiar charm in his smile. By practicing the Asans regularly, men and women will acquire a figure which will enhance their beauty and that suppleness which gives charm and elegance to every movement.

Now you must clearly understant that you can attain physical and mental efficiency through Yoga. Destroy all weakness by regular and systematic practice of it. Attain harmonious development of your body, mind, intellect and soul by a regular practice of Yoga. Health is thy birthright but not disease. Strength is they heritage but not weakness; efficiency but not inefficiency; courage but not fear; bliss but not sorrow; peace but not restlessness; knowledge but not ignorance; immortality but not mortality. Attain this birthright or Divine heritage and shine as a fully developed Yogi radiating Joy, peace, Bliss and Knowledge everywhere!

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