Yoga Mudra

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Yoga Mudra

Yoga Mudra

Sit on a blanket. Form a foot-look (padmasan ) by placing the right foot over the left thigh and the left foot over the right thigh. Slowly bend forward and touch the ground with the forehead. Take your hands to the back and catch hold of the right hand at the wrist by the left hand. As you bend down, exhale slowly. Remain in this pose for 1o seconds and then assume the original sitting posture and inhale slowly. Repeat the Mudra six times. This is very useful for rousing the Kundalini Shakti. This pose removes all kinds of disorders of the abdominal viscera.

Special Instructions

1. Get up at 4 a.m. Answer the calls of nature. Wash your face. Then practise your Asans, Pranayam exercises and meditation. This order is beneficial. If you are not in the habit of answering the calls of nature in the early morning, you should practise the Asans before answering the calls. It is advisable that Yogic students should practise all Asans after evacuating the bowels. If you are in the habit of defecating in the afternoon or evenings only, you should change this habit. You must be able to get one clear motion in the early morning as soon as you get up from bed. You can break any old habit and establish a healthy, new habit in course of time. Drink some cold or lukewarm water at night and in the early morning also as soon as you get up from bed. Regulate and adjust the diet also.

2. Weat a Longotee or Kowpeen or suspensory bandage when you practise Asans. You can have a banian on the body.

3. Do not wear spectacles when you do Asans. They may be broken and may injure your eyes.
4. Those who practise Sirshasan and other exercises for a long time, should take a little light food or a cup of milk after finishing the course.

5. Be regular in the practice of Asans. Those who practise by fits and starts will not derive much benefit from them.

6. If one takes to Yogic practices without observing moderation in diet he will not obtain the full benefits of these exercises.

7. The superstructure of a building will fall down in no time if the foundation is not properly laid. Even so a Yogic student cannot proceed successfully in the higher courses if he has not gained mastery in Asans.

8. Regularity in practice is very necessary if one wants to realize the maximum benefits of Asans and Pranayams. Generally people practise for two months in the beginning with great interest enthusiasm and then suddenly leave off the practice. This is a sad mistake. Practise the Asans and Pranayams regularly for a long time and relies the marvelous benefits derivable from them.

9. Physical exercises draw the Prana out. Asans send the Prana in. Asans distribute Prana quite evenly throughout the body and its different systems. Asans are not only physical but also spiritual as they awaken the Kundalini Shakti. A particular Asan removes a particular disease. Asans are preventives also.

10. Asans are not mere physical exercises. They are somethings more than that. They have a spiritual basis. They help much in controlling the senses, the mind and the body. The body, the nerves and the muscles are purified.

11. Ladies also should practise Asans. They will have healthy and strong children. If mothers are healthy and strong, the children also will be healthy and strong. Regeneration of the ladies means the regeneration of the whole world. If ladies practise a course of Asans systematically with interest and attention, they will have wonderful health and vitality. There is no doubt about this.

12. In the beginning you will not be able to perform some of the poses perfectly. Regular practice for some days will bring perfection. Patience and perseverance, earnestness and sincerity are needed.

13. Commonsense should be used throughout your practice. If one kind of food is not agreeable to your system, change the diet. If a particular Asan is not suitable to you select some other Asan. This is Yukti.

14. If you cannot perform a particular Asan quite satisfactorily, do not lose heart. When there is will there is a way. Try, try and try again. Continual practice will make you perfect ultimately.

15. If you are careful about your diet, Asans and meditation, you will have fine, lustrous eyes, a fair and clear complexion and peace of mind. Yoga ensures beauty, health, strength and long life to its practitioners.

16. brahmacharya is very very important. Evil thoughts are the beginning of adultery. Even the idea of lust must not enter the mind. You can realize the miximum benefits of Asans and Pranayams if you observe Brahmacharya strictly.

17. Do not wear heavy clothes. Light clothing permits the air to come into free contact with the skin. The latter is the most important eliminative agent in the whole bodily system. If its normal functions are weakened by the use of too much clothing poisons will accumulate.

18. Abandon devitalizing habits. Any habit which tends to lower the tone of the bodily system will bring on various sorts of diseases. Anything which tends to lower the vitality lowers the system’s power of elimination. The use of alcoholic liquors, tobacco, cocaine, opium, gunja or cannabis indica, dissipations and excess of any kind should be given up eitrely.

19. Asans should be practised both in the early morning and the evening. They should not be done immediately after meals as the bodily energy is freely utilized in assisting digestion. They may be practised five hours after taking food in the evening. Asans should be practised in a well-ventilated room, on an open terrace, on a river bank, the sea-shore or in the garden.

20. Immediately after performing Asans and Pranayams, no physical exercises should be done, because all the Asans tone up the internal organs and tissues. So the blood has to be supplied freely to these systems and tissues. But physical exercise is intended to tone up only the muscles, so the blood will be drawn to them only. The circulation of blood in this case is completely opposite, and the benefits of Asans will be nullified. After doing Asans, take rest for a few minutes and then begin your physical exercises.

21. No Samadhi or super-conscious state is possible without awakening first the Kundalini Shakti. Kundalini can be awakened in various ways, viz., the practice of Asans, Mudras, bandhas, Pranayams, devotion, grace of a Guru, Japa, strong analytic will and Vichara Shakti. Those who try to awaken the Kundalini should have mental and physical Brahmacharya. Then only can they enjoy the benefits of Samadhi. You will be freed from the wheel of Samsara (whee of births and deaths) and will attain Immortal Sat-chit-ananda state eventually.

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