Allergy Testing Types

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Allergy Testing Types

What are the different Allergy Testing Proceduress?

Allergy testing can help you find out what substances you have an adverse reaction to. Some allergies are very serious, so it is important to undergo an allergy test to figure out just what you’re allergic to. Completing an allergy test can help you find the best ways to treat your symptoms and get on with your life.

The type of allergy testing available varies based on the allergens you are being tested for among other factors.

Prick skin testing is an allergy test where possible allergens are placed on the skin. The skin is then pricked and a period of time passes to see if any of the allergens have caused redness, swelling or irritation. If one of them does, you are most likely allergic to that substance.

Another allergy testing procedure is intradermal skin testing. This type of allergy testing involves the placement of an allergen underneath your skin with a needle. If irritation develops you are most likely allergic to the substance.

Allergy blood testing is another form of allergy testing that can detect your reaction to certain substances. Allergy blood testing is often used when skin testing is out of the question due to an outlying skin condition or for fear of a severe reaction.

Lastly, there is patch skin testing. This allergy test works by placing an allergen on your skin, usually the back, and then covering it with a bandage for many days. If you have a reaction to the allergen, you are most likely allergic and have what is called a contact allergy, or an allergy that is apparent by merely touching the substance in question.

Allergy testing procedures are very effective in determining and diagnosing allergies in all kinds of people. If you think you may be allergic to something, don’t sit around and suffer. You can do something about it. Allergy testing may be the right way to go for you.

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