Treatments using Bryonia Alba

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Treatments using Bryonia Alba

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Bryonia Alba

Bryonia, European white bryony, black-berried white bryony, wild hops

Bryony is a native plant of many parts of Europe and grows in England, although it is rarely found in Scotland. It has large, white, branched roots with swollen, expanded portions that are highly poisonous. The smell given off is unpleasant and, if eaten, the taste is very bitter and death soon follows. The tall stems of the plant climb up supports by means of corkscrew tendrils and round black berries are produced in the autumn. Bryony was used by the physicians of ancient Greece and Rome and was described by Hippocrates.

The homeopathic remedy is made from the fresh pulped root of the plant, and is mainly used for conditions producing acute stitch-like pains, which are made worse by even slight movement and relieved by rest. These ailments usually develop slowly and accompanying symptoms include dry skin, mouth and eyes with great thirst. It is used a remedy for inflammation of the lining of joints in arthiritic and rheumatic disorders with swelling, heat and pains. Also, for chest inflammation, pleurisy, chesty bronchitis and pneumonia with severe pain and dry, hacking cough. Digestive problems that are eased by Bryonia include indigestion, colic, constipation, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Breast inflammation because of breast-feeding, colic in babies, gout and lumbago may be helped by Bryonia.

The symptoms are made worse by movement and bending and improve with rest and pressure applied to the painful area. People suitable for Bryonia are hard-working, conscientious and reliable but have a dread of poverty. The tend to measure success in life in financial or materialistic terms. They cope badly with any threat to their security or lifestyle, becoming extremely worried, fretful and depressed.

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