The Reflexes of Head

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The Reflexes of Head

The Reflexes

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The back of the head also shows a large number of reflexes. However, there are a number of ways of stimulating the body as a whole through the head. These include :

           • tapping the head gently with the fists, all over and very quickly for a period of about               thirty seconds.
           • pulling handfuls of hair
           • tapping the head gently with a wire brush

Each has a specific result, for example, stimulating the hair, but also enlivening organs and glands over the whole body.

One particularly important reflex point is the medulla oblongata. The medulla oblongata is the lowest is the lowest part of the brain stem, which joins to the upper part of the spinal cord. It contains important centers for the control of respiration, swallowing, salivation and the circulation. This reflex point is located at the nape of the neck, towards the base of the skull. Massage of this point opens all channels within the body and generates a vitality, relieving nervous tension and producing almost instant energy. The point should be pressed and massaged to produce the desired effects.

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