The Reflexes of Hands and Feet

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The Reflexes of Hands and Feet

The Reflexes

Reflexes on the hands and feet

Reflexes on the feet – the soles of the feet contain a large number of zones, or reflexes, that connect with organs, glands or nerves in the body. In addition, there are a small number of reflexes on the top and insides of the feet.
The palms of the hands similarly contain a large number of reflex areas, reflecting the arrangement seen on the soles of the feet. The backs of the hands again mirror, to some extent, the tops of the feet, containing a smaller number or reflex areas

Use of the hands in reflexology

The hands are considered to have an electrical property, so that the right-hand palm is positive and the left-hand palm is negative. In addition, the right hand has a reinforcing, stimulating effect while the left has a calming, sedative effect. The back of each hand is opposite to the palm, thus the right is negative and the left is positive. This is important when using reflexology because if the object is to revitalize the body and restore the energy flow that has been limited by a blockage then the right hand is likely to be more effective. The left hand, with its calming effect, is best used to stop pain.

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