The Reflexes of Chest

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The Reflexes of Chest

The Reflexes

Chest reflexes

There are a number of reflex points on the chest relating to major organs in the body. The same massage technique can be adopted for these reflex points as for the abdomen. Because many of the points lie over bone or muscle, however, it will not be possible to press in the finger as deeply as for the abdomen. However, pressure should be maintained over tender areas, with a subsequent circular massage, and a similar effect will be achieved.

Reflexes on the head

There are a surprisingly large number of reflex points on the head, although all may not be apparent immediately. With time and experience, such points are often located more by touch than by sight.
There are many important reflexes on the head including the stomach, kidneys, spleen and pancreas. Again, the middle finger can be used for massage, beginning in the middle of the forehead with the gentle circular motion. The massage should go through the skin to rub the bond
beneath – the skin should not be rubbed. In so doing, a sensitive point may be felt (pituitary) and another one a little lower down, which is the pineal. (The pituitary gland secretes hormones that control many body functions and the pineal body is thought to regulate the natural variations in the body’s activities over a 24-hour period.) This massaging action can be continued to check other parts of the body.

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