The Female Reflexes

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The Female Reflexes

The female reflexes

There are a number of female conditions that may be helped by reflexology. In most cases, the reflexes to be worked are very similar and the following complaints are therefore grouped in this way:

           • amenorrhoea lack of menstruation, other than during pregnancy or pre-puberty
           • endometriosis the occurrence of endometrial cells, normally found in the womb,               elsewhere in the body, e.g. Fallopian tubes or peritoneum, causing pain and bleeding
           • fibroid a benign tumour of the uterus that may cause pain, bleeding and urine retention
           • leucorrhoea discharge of white / yellow mucus from the vagina, which may be normal               before and after menstruation, but at other times large amounts signify an infection
           • dysmenorrhoea painful menstruation
           • menorrhagia excessive blood flow during menstruation

For these and related conditions, the general procedure should be to spend time on the specific female reflex, which in these cases is the uterus. In addition the endocrine gland reflexes should be massaged and to provide a balanced treatment, the reflexes for the other reproductive organs (ovary, etc) should be worked. Further areas to concentrate upon include the urinary and circulatory systems and the central nervous system (brain) with the solar plexus.

Premenstrual tension (or syndrome) is the condition typified by headache, nervousness, irritability, depression and tiredness (in addition to physical symptoms) several days

before the start of menstruation. It is advisable, before menstruation starts, to have a thorough massage of the reflexes once or twice per week. Next, the reflexes for the uterus and ovaries should be worked. The uterus reflex is on the inside of the foot in the soft area beneath the ankle.The massage should work all around the ankle, beginning with a gentle pressure, and then working back towards the heel. The other foot should then be dealt with in the same way.

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