Treatment using Gelsemium Sempervirens

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Treatment using Gelsemium Sempervirens

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Gelsemium sempervirens

Gelsemium, yellow jasmine, false jasmine, Carolina jasmine, wild woodbine
This attractive climbing plant is a native of the southern United States and parts of Mexico. It has a woody stem that twists around any available tree trunk, and grows on stream banks and on the sea coast. It produces attractive, large bell-shaped, perfumed yellow flowers in the early spring, which belie the poisonous nature of the plant. It has an underground stem, or rhizome, from which arise a tangle of yellow roots that have an aromatic smell. The root is the part used in homeopathy and, if eaten in significant amounts, it affects the central nervous system, causing paralysis and possible death through failure of the nerves and muscles of the respiratory system. In homeopathy it is used to treat both physical and mental symptoms. They physical ailments treated mainly involve the nervous and respiratory systems.

These include headaches that are worsened with bright light and movement, multiple sclerosis, eye pain, especially on the right side, sore throat and influenza-like symptoms, earache and feverish muscular pains. Accompanying symptoms include chills and shivering, flushed face and malaise. It is used to treat some menstrual problems including pain. Mental symptoms that are helped by Gelsemium include fears and phobias with symptoms of fatigue, weakness, trembling and apprehension.

These fears may arise before an examination, interview or public performance 9stage fright). Excitement or fear that causes the heart to skip a beat and extreme anxiety causing sleeplessness are helped by Gelsemium. Symptoms are made worse in the sun and in warm, moist, humid weather or damp and fog. They are also worse with smoking and for excitement, anticipation, stress or bad news. Symptoms improve with movement in the fresh air and after sweating and drinking alcohol or a stimulant drink. They improve after urinating – a large quantity of pale urine is usually passed. People suitable for Gelsemium tend to be well-built with a blue tinged skin and often complain of feeling weak and tired. They are beset by fears, and may be cowardly and too fearful to lead or enjoy a normal active life.

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