Treatment using Graphites

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Treatment using Graphites

Homeopathic Remedies in Common Use


Graphite; black pencil lead
Graphite is a form of carbon that is the basis of all life. It is found in older igneous or metamorphic rocks, such as granite and marble, and is mined for its industrial uses, e.g. in batteries, motors, pencil leads, cleaning and lubricating fluids. It was investigated and proved by Hahnemann after he learned that it was being used by some factory workers to heal cold sores.

The powder used in homeopathy is ground graphite, and it is mainly used for skin disorders that may be caused by metabolic imbalances and stomach ulcers. It is a remedy for czema, psoriasis, acne, rough, dry skin conditions with pustules or blisters, scarring and thickened cracked nails and cold sores. Also for stomach ulcers caused by thinning or weakness in the lining of the stomach wall, problems caused by excessive catarrh, loss of hair, and cramping pains or numbing of the feet and hands. In women it is used to treat some menstrual problems.

The symptoms are worse in draughty, cold and damp conditions and for eating sweet meals or sea foods. Also, the use of steroids for skin complaints and, in women, during menstruation. Symptoms are often worse on the left side. They improve with warmth as long as the air is fresh and is not stuffy, when it is dark and for eating and sleep. People suitable for Graphites are usually well-built and may be overweight, often having dark hair.

They like to eat well but lack physical fitness, and sweat or flush with slight exertion. They are prone to dry, flaky skin conditions that may affect the scalp. Graphites people are usually lethargic and may be irritable, lacking in concentration for intellectual activities. They are prone to mood swings and subject to bouts of weeping, especially when listening to music. A Graphites person feels that he or she is unlucky and is inclined to self-pity, often feeling fearful and timid.

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