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Artificial LIfe

How much do we love nature and natural living?

We claim to love nature. Anything natural appeals to us, mountains, landscapes, rivers, springs and endless other things linked with nature. But when it comes to natural living for good health we are nowhere near it. Take for example the food we eat and entertainment we get. Entertainment outside the house in open air and eating food at home are good for our health. This way we enjoy the benefits of nature and good food. But don’t we all do the reverse of this? We seek entertainment inside the four walls of our house watching television, playing indoor games, relaxing under ceiling fan or in an air conditioned room. But we go out to eat in clubs and restaurants, parties and get together.

We spend huge amounts of money in buying thins which are of very little or no use and many a time harmful to our health. These include food items and clothings that never suit our body’s requirement in the climate and place where we live or for the occupation we are engaged in. We even think and speak artificially to suit our conveniences, surroundings and circumstance. These things affect our health. To a great extent the food we eat determines our thought and speech. While thought and speech produce disorders nervous in origin, the food we eat produces strikingly visible diseases, physiological and psychological in nature. On one hand we over-strain and under-nourish our mind and body, misuse and mistreat them in various ways under different circumstances. On the other hand we, appease our body beyond limit, over-nourish and give it long hours of needless rest thinking we are taking special and proper care of our health. We fail to realize, between these two extremes there exists a balanced way of living.

Variety in food is not tolerated forever

Prosperity, affluence and the availability of food promote certain diseases and reduce human body’s resistance to those disease. Consuming a large variety of food is popular in today’s life style. This crates an adverse reaction by the mild toxins produced by the chemical interaction of the varied combination of such food. But till the body’s vital energy reaches the lowest level the lack of adopting to this reaction remains unobservable. Gradually a stage comes when this adaptability suffers a setback and this accumulated toxin exhibits in the form of diseases.

Disregard for the reserve in our body

Our body is designed for survival even in the absence of food and other adverse conditions. It is nature’s provision and gift to animal kingdom. When we eat food all of it does not get absorbed as we all seem to think. A portion of the nutrition from the food we eat, is stored in our body to be utilized spontaneously under adverse conditions. This opportunity can be given only in the absence of food. If this accumulated dispensable storage of nutrition does not get the opportunity to be utilized, it poses a hazard to a healthy living.

Natural and artificial food

Food consumed in its original form is considered natural. Vegetables, fruits, leaves, nuts, grains, dairy products, roots, etc., are natural food. Natural food is readily absorbed into the system without having to undergo much processing by the digestive organs. Their properties are extensive. They give instant energy and strength to the body and keep the mind alert and relaxed.
When natural foods are cooked, they only undergo transformation. But when they are refrigerated, pickled, fried, and preserved with chemicals, they assume artificial properties, which are often delicious and tasty.

Chemically treated food items, overheated milk and milk products, and overcooked vegetables lose much of their food value. Cooking destroys most of the vitamins and enzymes. When food is boiled, steamed or baked, it undergoes mild cooking, thereby preventing total loss of essential nutrients. This type of cooking is also less harmful than heavy seasoning, frying or overcooking.

Food is one of the most important components that affect health. Raw eating and eating only natural food cannot be encouraged under all circumstances due to large scale use of pesticides in agriculture. But whenever possible, it is better to cultivate the habit of raw eating with proper precautions, like cleaning them thoroughly to maintain good health. But, despite all the benefits of natural food, only a microscopic minority of the population is aware of it. The rest thrive on artificial food. Sadly, over the years, diet has become alienated from nature.

The sweet monster sugar

Among all artificial foods, refined white sugar is the number one culprit that causes physical and mental diseases. Experiments have repeatedly proven its ill-effects in humans. Degenerative diseases, altered mental behaviours, menstrual cramps in females, obstinate and arrogant attitudes of adolescents, violence in criminals etc., All have their origin in the overuse of refined sugar in various forms. Refined sugar is found in commercial foods like jams, jellies, ketchups, sauce, other fast foods, cool drinks, and numerous other tinned and processed food items.

The damage sugar can cause

Refined white sugar is highly alkaloid. Most of the alkaloids are potential drugs that include quinine, morphine, atropine, and codeine. Its extreme acid forming nature causes temporary paralysis of the stomach, halting the process of digestion. As soon as sugar enters the stomach, it creates a reaction. Its alkaloid contents induce the stomach to secrete large amounts to acid which in turn makes the blood stream highly acidic. In order to neutralize this, much of the body’s mineral reserve is used to digest sugar. When sugar in any form enters the stomach regularly, the body’s mineral reserve becomes deficient resulting in tooth decay and weaker bones. The stomach wall also gets ulcerated.

Sugar destroys vitamin B in the intestines. Vitamin B is essential for the chemical functions of the brain. Excess consumption of refined sugar results sometimes in lack of memory and other behavioural changes.

So much for the attractive sweets made to sugar, ice cream, cake, etc. Whenever these are consumed in excess, there is a feeling of tiredness and a heavy sensation in the stomach and head. Sweets head the list of artificial foods. It would be wise to reduce to the bare minimum if not totally avoid the intake of sugar in all forms, so as to safeguard against most of the degenerative diseases people generally suffer from.

Sugar and sweets made out of sugar are quite addictive.

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