Massage at Home

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Massage at Home


Head massage

Put a little of the essential massage oil on the fingertips and massage in circular movements over the scalp and temples.

Massage for tension headaches and migraine

Work from the base of the neck and scalp for a few moments, using effleurage strokes firmly, again with the chosen oil(s) on the fingertips.

Neck massage

Neck massage should be carried out with the patient sitting on a chair with some support in front. Working around the base of the neck and scalp, use small upward and outward circular movements. Move slowly up, down and around the sides of the neck, alternating firm and gentle movements.

Shoulder massage

Using gentle anticlockwise effleurage movements, stroke firmly from the shoulder to the neck

Arm massage

Use effleurage and petrissage movements upwards in the direction of the armpit, concentrating on muscular and fatty areas. Avoid bony areas.

Back massage

Avoiding the vertebrae, use gentle or firm petrissage or effleurage movements. Stroke all the way from the lumbar to the shoulders, move the hands outwards across the shoulders and return slowly down the outer area of the back. Repeat this movement to induce deep relaxation.

Abdomenal massage

Use a clockwise effleurage stroke, taking care not to apply too much pressure.

Leg massage

Always massage the legs in an upward direction. Avoid bony area, and never massage varicose veins.

Massage for menstrual or gynaecological problems

Always use gentle effleurage movements and do not exert any pressure on the lower abdomen. Begin at the lower back and slide forwards and downwards across the hips. Repeat several times.

Feet massage

Work in the direction of toe to heel, using the fingers uppermost and the thumb under the foot.

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