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Hydrotherapy Treatment techniques4


Treatment techniques in hydrotherapy

Cold Packs

Cold packs were described by the famous 19-th century Bavarian pastor, Sebastian Kniepp, in his famous treatise My Water Cure, in which he explained the advantages of hydrotherapy. A cold pack is really a warm pack – the name comes from the cold nature of the initial application.

For a cold pack you need :

A large piece of cotton material; a large piece of flannel or woolen (blanket) material ; a rubber sheet to protect the bed; a hot water bottle; safety pins.

First, soak the cotton material in very cold water, wring it out well and place it on the flannel material that is spread out on the rubber sheet on the bed. Lay the person who is having the treatment on top of the damp material, fold it round his trunk and cover him up at once with the flannel material. Safety-pin it all firmly in place.

Now pull up the top bed covers and provide a hot water bottle. The initial cold application produces a reaction that draws fresh blood to the surface of the body; this warmth, being well insulated, is retained by the damp material. The cold pack turns into a warm pack, which gradually, over a period six to eight hours, bakes itself dry. Usually lots of sweat will be produced, so it is necessary to wash the materials well before using again.

The pack can be slept in – in fact it should encourage deeper, more refreshing sleep. Larger, whole body packs can be used, which cover not only the trunk but extend from the armpits to the feet, encasing the recipient in a cocoon of warmth.

If a feeling of damp coldness is felt, the wet material may be inadequately wrung out, or the insulation materials too loose or too few.


A form of sensory deprivation, flotation involves lying face up in an enclosed, dark tank of warm, heavily salted water. There is no sound, except perhaps some natural music to bring the client into a dreamlike state. It is exceptionally refreshing and induces a deep, relaxing sleep.

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