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Energy and lymph 1


Energy and lymph

A kinesiologist will examine a patient and try to discover whether there is any lack of energy, physical disorders or inadequate nutrition that is causing problems. Once any troublesome areas have been located, the practitioner will use only a light massage on the relevant pressure points (which, as mentioned, are generally not close to their associated muscle). For example, the edge of the rib cage is where the pressure points for the muscles of the upper leg are situated.

In kinesiology it is maintained that the use of pressure points is effective because the flow of blood to muscles is stimulated and therefore a good supply of lymph is generated too. Lymph is a watery fluid that takes toxins from the tissues and if muscles receive a good supply of both lymph and blood they should function efficiently.

As in acupuncture, it is maintained that there is an unseen flow of energy that runs through the body and if this is disrupted for any reason, such as a person being ill or suffering from stress, then they body will weaken due to insufficient energy being produced. The way in which a kinesiologist assesses the general health of a patient is by testing the strength of the muscles as this will provide information on the flow energy. It is claimed that by finding any inbalance and correcting it, kinesiology can be used as a preventive therapy.

If there is a lack of minerals and vitamins in the body or trouble with the digestive system, it is claimed that these are able to be diagnosed by the use of kinesiology. If a person is feeling ‘below par’ and constantly feels tired, it is believed that these conditions are aggravated by a sluggish flow of the internal body fluids such as the circulation of blood. Kinesiologists can treat the disorder by stimulating the flow of lymph and blood by massaging the pressure points.

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