Energy and lymph 2

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Energy and lymph 2


Energy and lymph 2

Although it is claimed that kinesiology can be of help to all people, it is widely known for the treatment of people suffering from food allergies or those who are sensitive to some foods. It is believed that the chemicals and nutrients contained in food cause various reactions in the body, and if a particular food has the effect of making muscles weak, then it would be concluded that a person has an allergy to it. Allergic reactions can cause other problems such as headaches, tension, colds, tiredness and a general susceptibility to acquiring any passing infections.

There are two simple tests that can easily be tried at home to determine if there is any sensitivity or allergy to certain foods. This is done by testing the strength of a strong muscle in the chest, and to carry this out the person being tested will need the help of a partner. There is no need to exert real force at any time, just use the minimum amount needed to be firm but gentle. To test the chest muscle, sit erect, holding the left arm straight out at right angles to the body. The elbow should be facing outwards and the fingers and thumb drooping towards the table.

The partner will then place his or her right hand on the person’s nearest shoulder (the right) and the two fingers only on the area around the left wrist. A gentle downward pressure will then be exerted by the partner on the person’s wrist who will try to maintain the level of the arm, whilst breathing in a normal fashion. This downward pressure should be exerted for approximately five seconds.

If the person was able to resist the downwards pressure and the muscle felt quite firm, then the allergy test can be tried. However, if this was not the case and the person was unable to keep the arm level, the muscle would not be suitable for use in the subsequent test. It would therefore be advisable to use another muscle such as one in the arm.

To do this, place an arm straight down at the side of the body with the palm of the hands facing outwards. The partner will then use the same amount of pressure to try and move the arm outwards, again for a similar amount of time. If the person is unable to keep the arm in the same position, then it would be advisable to get in touch with a trained kinesiologist.

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