Energy and lymph 3

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Energy and lymph 3


Energy and lymph 3

To undertake the allergy test, hold the left arm in the same way as for testing the muscle. If, for example, the food that is suspected of causing an allergy is chocolate, a small piece of this should be put just in the mouth, there is no need for it to be eaten. This time as well as applying the pressure on the wrist as before, the partner should put his or her first two digits of the left hand below the person’s right ear.

Once again, the person tries to resist the downwards force and if successful, it is claimed that there is no sensitivity or allergy connected with that food. However, if this does not happen and the arm is pushed downwards or even feels slightly weak, then kinesiology would suggest that this food, if eaten at all, should never be consumed in any great amount.

It is claimed that the use of kinesiology can be benefit to people who suffer from irrational fears or phobias. An example of this is the recommendation that the bone below the eye, just level with the pupil is softly tapped. Neck and back pain can be treated without any manipulation of joints and some of the methods can be learnt by patients for use at home. An example of this for the alleviation of back pain is for a patient to massage the muscle situated on the inside of the thigh. This is said to be of benefit for any muscles that are weak as they are the reason for a painful back.

A number of other practitioners, such as homeopaths, herbalists and osteopaths make use of kinesiology, so if there is a problem connected with the ligaments, muscles or bones it may be advisable to contact chiropractor or osteopath who is also qualified in kinesiology. If the problem is of a more emotional or mental nature, then it might be best to select a counselor or psychotherapist who also practices kinesiology. It is important always to use a fully qualified practitioner and the relevant association should be contacted for information.

At the first consultation, detailed questions will be asked concerning the medical history, followed by the therapist checking the muscles’ ability to function effectively. For instance, a slight pressure will be exerted on a leg or arm while the patient holds it in a certain way. The patient’s ability to maintain that position against the pressure is noted and if the patient is unable to do so, then the therapist will find the reason why by further examination. Once the areas in need of ‘rebalancing; have bee identified, he therapist will use the relevant pressure points to correct matters. It is believed that if some of the points are painful or sore to the touch, this is because there has been an accumulation of toxins in the tissues, and these toxins stop the impulses between muscles and the brain. If this is the case, the muscle is unable to relax properly and can cause problems in areas such as the neck and shoulders.

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