Dr. S. Devasahayam MA., PIM., ESMP

Dr. Devasahayam

Dr. S. Devasahayam


Dr. S. Devasahayam MA., PIM., ESMP comes from a traditional Siddha practicing family who kept the light of nature cure for more than 100years. He combined the proven secret recipes of herbal medicines based on clinical applications which brought an outstanding success in curing many chronic health problems even they are handled by most of the modern medicines. His experience in the field of siddha brought prevention and cure for many diseases and the alleviation of common ailments.

His ancestors started the way of treating the patients with siddha cure and this way he has been inspired to become a specialist in Siddha. He makes his own medicines which are made with quality and under hygienic environment. The specialties of his medicines are the record for the cure of various diseases which are made with no side effects. He has his own hospital in Manguzhi road, Neyoor with his ultimate aim to provide efficient care and cure for all types of challenging diseases.

His Special moments include:

  • “Siddha Maruthuva Maamani”, a title from Siddha Medical Trust, Tamil Nadu by auspicious hands of Honorable K. A. P Viswanathanm ON 4.4.1987
  • “Siddha Maruthuva Thilagam”, a title from Akila India Siddha Maruthuva Kazhagam on 18.9.1997
  • “Best Doctor and Best Industrialist’s” Award in
  • “Puratchi Thalaivar M.G.R. Award” from South India social and cultural Academy in Chennai on 7.1.2006
  • Participated in number of conferences
  • Published various articles on Siddha and Aayurveda in Newspapers and Magazines.

Dr. Devasahayam is available for consultation for 24/7. More at Devasahayam Hospital

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