Dr. A.P.S. Esawaradhas B.Sc., B.Lib.Sc., D.S.M.,E.H.S.M.P.,

Doctor A.P.S. Esawaradhas

Dr. A.P.S. Esawaradhas

B.Sc., B.Lib.Sc., D.S.M.,E.H.S.M.P.,

Dr. A.P.S. Esawaradhas, is an Expert in Traditional Medicines. He is the founder of Nanjil Vaithiyasalai. He has holds B.Sc., B.Lib.Sc., D.S.M., and E.H.S.M.P. grades. He was fascinated by medicine as he witnessed his grand-parents apply herbal remedies to heal & support the local people. Those early experiences drove him to pursue this career specializing in treating diseases with the help of inscriptions in the palm leaves. Over the last decades, he has conducted various studies on different diseases and developed new systems for treating the diseases. Today, he has involved his descendants also to the healing service of mankind in the natural way.


The doctor has excellent medicines for Sex Problems, the names of the special medicines are “Manmadhana Sooranam, Madhana Gembeera Mathirai, Rajagembeera Mathirai, Madhana Kaama Legiyam, Thadhukalpa Legiyam and Soma Sooranam he has prepared all these medicines by referring the old palm leaf inscriptions that his ancestors had left behind thereby giving instantaneous remedy.

Dr. A.P.S. Esawaradhas also has a clinic in Chennai. He will be available from the 1st of a month to 15th of a month in the health center at Chennai and from 16th to end of a month in Kanyakumari, Nagercoil.He can be consulted from 9am to 5pm. More at Nangil Vaithya Sala

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