Dr. Rejitha B.S.M.S

Dr. Rejitha

Dr. Rejitha


Siddha Medicine is one of the oldest medical systems known to mankind. According to the siddha medicine system, diet and lifestyle play a major role, not only in health but also in curing diseases.

Dr. Rejitha B.S.M.S who comes from Erulappapuram, Nagercoil finished her Bachelor in siddha medicine and surgery in A.T.S.V.S. Siddha Medical College. She is an expert in Siddha Medicine and has been operating in the field for more than eight years. She pioneered in Siddha medicines for the body, mind and spiritual welfare of the people. Her love for Indian Medicine made her to join the pioneer of all Medical Systems in the World, the Siddha System of Medicines. She specializes in treating patients who suffer from Diabetes and Migraine.

Her treatments are an amazing experience for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of their body and mind, and those who want to improve their health

She offers the best tested treatments based on the concepts of siddha medicines. Her treatment includes Siddha herbal medicines; acupuncture, varma massage therapies as well as therapeutic yogasana, advice on diet to bring about healing and implementation of lifestyle changes. She has the experience on treating more than 1000 patients getting them a proper cure. Still plenty of patients from all around India and especially Tamilnadu list the top of her treatments.

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