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Jenin A


MA – Yoga for Human Excellence

He started his journey in yoga on Jan-14-1997. Initially, he collected articles about yoga from newspapers and worked them out with the help & guidance of many yoga practitioners. He got trained in varma kalai and traditional martial arts (natuadi), from a brilliant Guru, Shri. Gana Muthu in the year 1988. He perceived a lot of ideas and self-defense techniques from him.

In the year 2005, he got a spiritual guru, Shri. Vethathiri Maharishi, the spiritual leader and founder-trustee of the World Community Service Center, where he got a well-defined training process in yoga (Simplified Kundalini Yoga). This gave him a lot of information about body, mind & soul. Also, this inspired him to learn Yoga in an advance level, so, he got enrolled in The Bharathiar University in the year 2008 for his Master’s degree in Yoga for Human excellence and successfully gained his degree in the year 2009.

Mr. Jenin is currently working as an Operations Manager in a reputed IT firm. He claims that practicing yoga regularly has enhanced his Multitasking capability, relieved him from Stress, keeps him confident in making decisions, gives him inner peace, improved his immunity level and with high level of awareness.

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