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Lose your extra weight with Surya Namaskar

Losing weight requires a lot of dedication, commitment and a disciplined lifestyle with it.  Most of us want to lose we
Get your Hair in Order

This is every woman's problem - sleeping like a princess with hair in order and wake up the next day morning like a ghos
Physiotherapy – An Effectual Treatment for Stroke Patients

Stroke can be best explained as a brain attack or damage to the brain cells when blood flow towards them gets interrupte
Does Arthritis Limiting Your Daily Activities? Here Is The Solution….

A population-based survey of individuals with chronic medical conditions reveals that those suffering from arthritis exp
Avoid these Foods When you are Asthmatic

Asthma is a long-lasting disease, which makes the lungs get inflated, because of which the airways get constrained and b
Tips to Treat Your Sore Nipples during Breast Feeding

Congratulations! You are about to take part in one of life’s great miracles – breast feeding your baby. Breast feedi
Smoking Causes 16 Types of Cancer

How unhealthy is smoking? Most of us knew the health risks of smoking. Still a lot smokes without worrying about the ris
6 Ways Smoking Kills you gradually

Smoking cigar is a slow poison. Whether you smoke a little or a lot, it makes no difference just like mixing a drop of p
Natural Remedies for Curing Urinary Problems

The occurrence of urinary tract infection is on the rise and many people prefer natural remedies to cure this problem. A
Struck down by a sudden headache?

Headache is severe and sudden.  At times, we do not get relief even after applying medications. At times, headache i
Pranic Healing – Enter into the World of Practical Healing!

Do you know what Pranic Healing is? PRANIC HEALING is a revolutionary and comprehensive system of natural healing techni
Female Urinary problems and their treatment!

Most women experience the urinary problems, while one may feel the need to urinate more frequently even during the night
Self-Healing Tips for Snoring

Snoring! You don’t know how much you trouble your loved ones in your sleep and when they sleep, until you hear someone