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Reiki Positions3

Reiki Positions in Reiki therapy 3 The back There are a number of arrangements which can be adopted on the back and
Positions in Reiki therapy 2

Reiki Positions in Reiki therapy 2 The chest and abdomen The next sequence of hand arrangements is for the chest and
Positions in Reiki therapy

Reiki Positions in Reiki therapy The hands are clearly the ‘instruments’ of healing in Reiki and although the posi
Higher levels of Reiki

Reiki Higher levels of Reiki Although it is possible to progress beyond the level of proficiency implied so far, secon
The root chakra

Reiki The root chakra This is the source of strength and is essential for proper development. The other centres of ene
Reiki When the need is answered

Reiki When the need is answered If Reiki is practiced regularly, it can have a very positive effect and influence. One
Reiki Determining the need

Reiki Determining the need Introduction When undertaking Reiki therapy it is often necessary to determine the nee
Reiki Introduction

Introduction A complementary therapy Reiki is a complementary therapy and one of the many facets of alternative medic
Polarity Therapy Treatment

Polarity Therapy The Treatment Diet To cleanse the body from a build-up of toxins caused by unhealthy eating and env
Polarity Therapy Treatment Touch and manipulation

Polarity Therapy The Treatment Touch and manipulation Touch and manipulation are used by the therapist to detect any
Introduction to Polarity Therapy

Introduction Origins This is a therapy devised by Dr. Randolph Stone (1890 – 1983) hat amalgamates other healing th
Injuries and stress

Osteopathy Injuries and stress Problems that prevent the body from working correctly or create pain can be due to an i
A solution to tension

Osteopathy A solution to tension There is no set number of consultations necessary, as this will de
Introduction to Osteopathy

Introduction An alternative medical treatment Osteopathy is a technique that uses manipulation and massage to help di