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Alexander Technique Treatment1

The Alexander Technique The treatment 1 The Alexander technique is said to be completely harmles
Correct Posture

The Alexander Technique Correct Posture The Alexander technique is based on correct posture so tha
Breaking the habit of bad posture

Breaking the habit of bad posture The Alexander technique is a practical and simple method of learning to focus attenti
Auricular therapy

Auricular therapy Auricular therapy is a method of healing using stimulation of different acupuncture points on the

A tired body and aching limbs crave for attention at the end of a day’s hard work or after a long journey. At such ti
The Benefits of yogic Exercises

Introduction This body is the moving temple of God. It is an instrument for crossing the ocean of Samsar or the round o

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese therapy that involves inserting needles into the skin at specific points of the body.