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Yoga is being practiced for ages. The outlook of practicing yoga has been changed from attaining spirituality to effecti
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Gaining weight is really easy, but if you think of losing weight, it is really hard. You have to follow diet plans, exer
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Semen also known as cum or sperm is a mysterious topic from years. But you’ve heard of tons of myths about semen such
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Soon after the 30th birthday, women usually observe that something had gone along with their youth. Do you know what it
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It was only in the few years, that shaving the pubic hairs, removal of every single hair in the genitals is considered v
10 Reasons you Should Avoid Smoking

Should you avoid smoking? Obviously yes for a myriad of health benefits. Smoking causes many chronic and fatal diseases.
Understanding infertility and its treatments

Infertility is the medical condition where the reproductive organ of a man or woman does not function properly. This lea
Causes and Symptoms of Vaginal Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is more common in women. It is a fungal infection refers to the excessive growth of yeast in several par
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What is the normal size of penis in adults? A most complicated question that is. A lot of studies and researches tried t
Infertility in men and women: Causes and Treatment

A simple definition of infertility is the inability to bear a child and this could be due to ovary or sperm related diso
Simple Ideas to Improve your Fertility

Rate of infertility is increasing! Both women and men counterparts are equally accountable for infertility. Beyond medic
Libido Increasing Foods for Men and Women

Both men and women suffer from lack of sex drive due to various factors. There is no requirement to visit the doctor and