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Healthy, wealthy and long life! This is what we all do expect. However, there are many hidden dangers to health. We do m
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Oral contraceptives aka birth control pills prevents conception. Obviously every woman knew this fact about oral contrac
Avoid these Foods When you are Asthmatic

Asthma is a long-lasting disease, which makes the lungs get inflated, because of which the airways get constrained and b
Increase your craving for food

Boil Tulsi leaves and extract the juice out of the leaves. Consume half a cup of this water every day in the morning and
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Have you ever found yourself stuck in a room, embarrassed with the fact that you just farted and are dreadfully trying t
Natural Way to Improve Libido Performance – Read Now!

Soon after the 30th birthday, women usually observe that something had gone along with their youth. Do you know what it
Why Women Feel Dizzy or Weak During Periods?

Why I often feel dizzy or weak during periods? You’re not alone; nearly 99% of teens and women felt dizziness during t
Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) – All You Need to Know!

Urinary Tract Infection – It’s the second most common reason why people visit their doctors each year. Do you know,
Hearing Cracking Sound When Turning Your Head? Here Are the Reasons…

Some patients often visit the doctor complaining that they do not have pain in the neck but they often hear some noise o
Does Cancer have any Age of Attack?

Malignant Tumors, aka more precisely termed the alarming word Cancer is one of the frightening diseases. Cancer, one of
Is There A Need To Shave The Pubic Hairs?

It was only in the few years, that shaving the pubic hairs, removal of every single hair in the genitals is considered v
Childhood Cancer – Causes and Risk Factors

Cancer! Although certain forms of cancer are diagnosed in the elders, cancer doesn’t have any age of attack. Childhood
10 Reasons you Should Avoid Smoking

Should you avoid smoking? Obviously yes for a myriad of health benefits. Smoking causes many chronic and fatal diseases.
What to Do When Laxatives Don’t Work

Laxatives, the tiny pill just relives constipation overnight. However, prolong use of laxatives is not recommended. Yet,