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The Kidney and bladder reflex points

The kidneys and bladder The Kidney and bladder reflex points Disorders associated with the bladder tend to be infe
Reflexology of liver

The liver The role of the liver The liver is a very important organ and is critical in regulating metabolic processes
The Liver reflexes

The liver The liver Reflex Points The reflex area for the liver is a large area, reflecting the size of the organ, on
The male reflexes

The male reflexes The male reflexes occupy the same positions as those of the female, thus the penis reflex is in
Massage and Energy Flow

Massage and energy flow Reflexology does not use any sort of medication – merely specific types of massage at the co
Massage and energy flows

Massage and energy flow 1 Reflex massage initiates a soothing effect to bring muscular and nervous relief. The pressur
The Reflexes of Palpitations Varicose veins

Palpitations An irregular heartbeat, often associated with heightened emotions. Also due to heart disease or may be fe
The Reflexesof Pancreas

The Pancreas This is an important gland with both endocrine and exocrine functions. It is located behind the stomach,
The Reflexes of Parathyroid Thymus

The Parathyroid There are four small parathyroid glands located behind or within the thyroid. They control the use of
The Reflexes of Pituitary

The pituitary An imbalance of pituitary gland secretions, often caused by a benign tumour, can lead to acromegaly (exc
Reflexes on the Body

The Reflexes Reflexes on the body Reflexes on the body necessarily differ from those on the feet and hands in that t
The Reflexes of Chest

The Reflexes Chest reflexes There are a number of reflex points on the chest relating to major organs in the body. Th
The Reflexes of Ear

The Reflexes Ear reflexes The ear has long been used in acupuncture because, in addition to its ease of use, it cont
The Reflexes of Hands and Feet

The Reflexes Reflexes on the hands and feet Reflexes on the feet – the soles of the feet contain a large number of