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Useful Diet Tips to Follow After a Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

Bariatric surgery in San Antonio is considered as a life-saving procedure since it accelerates weight loss and minimizes
Foods for Natural Weight Loss Diet

Losing weight has become the necessity now! Especially, women are prone to gain a lot of weight under various circumstan
Liquid Diet to Boost your Weight Loss

When you consider healthy and safe weight loss methods and diet plans, just should not miss adding liquids as a part of
The Ultimate Secret to Lose 5kgs of weight in 2 weeks

Gaining weight is really easy, but if you think of losing weight, it is really hard. You have to follow diet plans, exer
Eliminate Sugar Addiction the Natural Way

One of the sweetest things in the world is sugar. There are so many varieties of sweets out there. The fact is we forget
5 Reasons Why Ayurveda is Good for Weight Loss

Losing weight isn’t an easy thing. It needs a lot of determination, efforts and patience. Of course, you cannot expect
Is Only Eating Salads and Drinking Fluids Safe For Life?

The buzz is all about healthy eating now! With so many dreadful health concerns and extra consciousness about health, mo
Women and Obesity

Weight gain in young mothers Some girls who used to be slim prior to their marriage, gain weight gradually after marri
Water Cure for Obesity

Water any form is beneficial to children and adults alike. Young children take every opportunity to play with water.
Types of Obesity

Android and gynoid The fat distribution in the body is identified among the two types of obesity - Android and Gynoid
Treatment for Obesity

Dangers of taking drugs for weight control Who would like to spent time on time –consuming exercise or follow as st
Select Your Day to Fast

You can fast once a week or once in ten days. The day for fasting can be chosen when you are alone and your energy need
Reward of Prosperity and Changer of Lifestyle

In the developed countries people enjoy the fruits of development and technological advancement. For almost all routine
Obesity – Its Consequences

Obesity causes many diseases, some of which increase the rate of mortality. The more a person’s weight, the greater is