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6 Truths No One Ever Tell You about Becoming A Yoga Teacher

Do you want to share the exhilarated feeling you have while practicing yoga with other people and make money in the proc
Why should you Do Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga is being practiced for ages. The outlook of practicing yoga has been changed from attaining spirituality to effecti
5 Reasons Why Yoga is Better than Exercise?

Staying physically active has become quintessential part of healthy and happy life. Realizing the importance of spending
Shavasana – Yoga for relaxation

Have you ever observed the breathing pattern of an infant who is lying flat with its back on the bed? How slowly she bre
Bhujangasana – How to practice & Benefits

Bhujangasana also can also be called as cobra pose since Bhujang refers to snake and asana means pose. Uses: • 
Yoga Treatment4 The Plough

Yoga The Treatment 4 The plough Lie on your back, arms by your sides, palms down. Slowly raise your legs and trunk
Yoga Treatment3 The Triangle

Yoga The Treatment 3 The triangle The triangle commences with the person standing upright with the legs apart and t
Yoga_Treatment2 The Bow and The Bridge

Yoga The Treatment 2 The bow     Lie face down on the ground with the knees bent and then raised in the direction
Yoga Treatment1 and Benefits

Yoga The Treatment 1 The benefits It is recommended to follow some simple rules when practicing yoga. Firstly use a f
Introduction to Yoga

Introduction Origins From its Indian origins as far back as 4000 years age, yoga has been continually practiced, but
Zang fu Organs

Shiatsu Zang and fu organs Energy storage and production According to traditional Eastern therapies, organs have a
Yoga Exercise

Yoga exercises are widely practiced by many to reduce weight. Along with the weight reducing diet yoga helps shed exce

Though human body stands comparison with a machine, there is a significant difference between the two. Constant activit