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6 Truths No One Ever Tell You about Becoming A Yoga Teacher

Do you want to share the exhilarated feeling you have while practicing yoga with other people and make money in the proc
5 Yoga Poses for Busy Women

I’m too busy to do any exercises. I need 48 hours a day. I would really like if someone spare me some time for
5 Reasons Why Yoga is Better than Exercise?

Staying physically active has become quintessential part of healthy and happy life. Realizing the importance of spending
Shavasana – Yoga for relaxation

Have you ever observed the breathing pattern of an infant who is lying flat with its back on the bed? How slowly she bre

““Swastika” means ‘prosperous’ in Sanskrit. This Asan brings prosperity and success to the practitioner. Henc

Matsyasan In Sanskrit “Matsya” means a fish. A person can float on water, without swimming for a long time like a

Bhujangasan When this Asan is fully done, it gives the appearance of a hooded cobra. The raised trunk, neck and head
Yoga Mudra

Yoga Mudra Sit on a blanket. Form a foot-look (padmasan ) by placing the right foot over the left thigh and the left

Trikonasan “Trikona” means triangle. Since this Asan when demonstrated gives the appearance of a triangle, it bea

“Sarvang” means ‘all parts’. So the very name suggests that this pose is concerned with all the parts of the b
Course Of Yogic Exercises

Ardha-Matsyendrasan “Ardha” means half. This is half of Mastyendrasan. This Asan takes its name from the Rishi or
Science Of Relaxation

Science Of Relaxation Life has become very complex in these days. The struggle for existence is very acute and keen.
Sukh Purvak a Comfortable Pranayam

Easy comfortable Pranayam Sit in the Padmasan or Siddhasan pose in your meditation room. Close the right nostril with
Prana and Pranayam

Prana And Pranayam Prana is the universal pinciple of energy or force. It is the vital force. It is all-pervading. It