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Physical And Mental Efficiency Through Yoga

Introduction Every human being has within himself various potentialities and capacities of which he may never real
Relaxation for Men

Physical Relaxation Exercise No. I You must know how to relax all the muscles of your body after you have finished
Relaxation for Women

Physical Relaxation Exercise No . II The woman who can never relax, never take a real rest, will not retain beauty.

Mental Relaxation Exercise No . I Just as you relax your muscles after having finished your Asans and physical exerc
Health and Strength

Introduction Health is wealth. Health is a covetable possession indeed Good health is a valuable asset for one an
Yogic Diet

Yogic Diet A Yogic diet is that which helps the aspirant to keep the mind calm and to curb the restless indriyas.
Sleep for Health

Sleep Man works hard ion daytime so that he may get what he deserves most. He is tossed about hither and thither
Milk And Its Products

Milk is an ideal diet. It is a perfect and complete food in itself. It contains all the nutritive principles in a

A Food And Tonic Honey is a food and a tonic, Honey is a first class food. It is very easily digestible. It is as
Fruits And Health

Among the different foods, fruits stand foremost in importance in the Yogi’s menu or regimen. The curative effects of

Fasting is a form of tapas to destroy the effects of evil samskaras and purify oneself quickly. It is a kind of prayasch

Adi – Vyadi All chronic, long standing and functional derangements or ailments are invariably associated with definit
Health And Hygiene

Bath Cleanliness is next to Godliness. A bath daily in cold water in the early mornings before sunrise is really brac
Health And Freedom

Introduction The whole universe from the mighty sun to the tiniest atom is controlled by law. There is perfect or