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Lord Shiva Idol – Shiva is the most powerful God. Shiva is regarded as one of the primary forms of God. He is the Supreme God within Shaivism. He is one of the five primary forms of God in the Smarta tradition and “the Destroyer” or “the Transformer” among the Trimurti, the Hindu Trinity of the primary aspects of the divine.
Shiva has many benevolent and fearsome forms. At the highest level Shiva is limitless, transcendent, unchanging and formless.
Boons of Lord Shiva: Wealth, Health, Prosperity, Knowledge

Abundant Blessings for Sun Signs Aries, Cancer

Where to Place: Place it in the northern corner of the house, as it is increases the flow of positive energy in your home. Also, please ensure that the place is clean and tidy.

Where to Use: Pooja Room, Study Room, Shops and Business Places

Aries: (Sanskrit Name: Maish)

Born: March 21 – April 19

Lucky Numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63

Lucky Color: Orange, Pink, Burgundy, White

Nature: You possess strong and powerful characters. You always look out for friends with caring and generosity and encourage them with natural optimism. You will be more willing to take a gamble and follow your dreams and goals. You are very ambitious and can go up to any extent to become successful in life.

Cancer: (Sanskrit Name: Karka)

Born: June 22- July 22

Lucky Numbers: 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 61

Lucky Colors: Orange, Pink, White

Nature: You are complex, fragile, unpredictable and temperamental and need constant support and encouragement, more than any other astrology signs. You reflect the qualities of the changing Moon. This means that at times your emotions get the better of you, and you swing from high to low. Family and friends will be well aware of this, but they will not doubt your loyalty and support. With strong intuition, sensitivity, powers of observation and intelligence, you will have great success in anything they undertake

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